Hi, We are Arielle and Kyle Borcik. We have three toddlers and just moved back to our home state Atlanta, Georgia. We own and operate our first company Borcik Natural Minimalist Jewelry full time, and love it! 

We came up with the idea for The Time Necklace, because we wanted a piece that was sentimental, like us. When we thought up The Time Necklace we knew we had something special. 

The Time Necklace was created for you to stop time. We wanted to create a unique and meaningful piece that when worn will symbolize connection to that moment when your life changed forever. 

When did time stand still for you? 

Was it the minute you laid eyes on your newborn baby for the first time, or when you kissed and said I do? Maybe it was stepping foot in your dream destination. 

Whatever the time was, we are here to capture that memory forever. For you. 

In our Atlanta, Georgia studio we personally hand-make and permanently stop each and every necklace to your specific special time. Once the necklace is set it can never be changed, your moment is frozen in time forever! 

We hope you'll love your one of a kind necklace, and wear it with love. 


-Arielle & Kyle Borcik